Announcing release 2.0.2 for Device42

We are excited about adding following enhancements and changes to new release for Device42 software labeled 2.0.2(since 2011.09.30 release):

1. DNS Auto-discovery. Device42 would now be able to do zone transfers from your name servers and maintain your DNS records in device42 database. You can run the discovery immediately and/or schedule this to run at required intervals.

2. With auto-discovery for DNS and network auto-discovery(also releasing this month), we have loosely coupled IP addresses from device. You can add upto 5 times IP addresses for your respective device license count. e.g. with 500 device license, you can add upto 2500 IP addresses.

3. IP Addresses now belong to subnets instead of VLAN and subnet can belong to a VLAN. This way you can sub-class as you want. Also, this brings in additional feature where MAC address now belongs to a VLAN and now you can have layer 2 defined devices as well.

4. Back of the rack diagram. Visually see front and back of rack in the same layout page. You can choose back image for hardware now and change orientation of each device in the rack.

5. Easy entry of devices in a rack: now you can add devices in a rack right from the rack edit page. View on site button also added in change rack view, so you can directly go to see the visual of the rack.

6. Adding time zone support. You can edit your time zone from Tools > Options now.

7. Device import added. You can add device, mac, serial, asset number, hardware model etc. from spread sheet.

8. Hardware properties for the blade now supported. This brings a change in hardware model, where it can be of type regular or blade.

9. jpeg support added for hardware front and back images. You can now upload jpeg images(not for Hyper-V appliance yet). Also, the size limitation of 50KB has been taken away and you can upload any size image and device42 software would re-sample it while saving.

10. More auditing: Reports > History has history of the changes made by all the administrators. This is still not very complete audit log.

11. HTTPS Support: Https for device42 web portal is now supported. You can even import your own certificates.

12.  Support for Xen and KVM platform via raw disk image: You can run device42 virtual appliance on Xen or KVM based virtual platforms now.

Issues Fixed:

Better IP Import: IP import is now much more flexible has extra option for MAC as well. Also, device is optional now.

Known Issues:

  • On Home page for device42 portal # of VLANs is actually subnets. we would change this soon.
  • Search bar and button on home page doesn’t show formatted properly on some browsers.
  • Time sync for virtual appliance. Even when hardware clock on virtual host is correct, device42 virtual appliance doesn’t sync up correct time. We are working on adding an option to fix this.
  • Date Picking widget in Device add/edit properties is showing twice for all the fields.

Please note that 2.0.1 was an interim release and was immediate replaced with 2.0.2. Please open a support ticket to get your updates.


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