Announcing release 2.1.1 for Device42

Network auto-discovery is finally here! We are excited to add following new features starting with release 2.1.1:

  • Network Auto Discovery : SNMP module to get MAC tables, ARP tables and port connectivity information from network devices.
  • APIs: REST based Application Programming Interface. Ability to populate device42 database using external programs and/or scripts via device42 APIs. For now, its limited to certain fields on device and IP and we would be expanding these as we get more feedback from you.
  • Reporting by OS: You can now search, sort and filter based on OS.
  • Modules List: For any physical chassis, you can now see all the blades that are part of that chassis or blade server (appears next to history button on top for that blade chassis view).
  • Virtuals List: For any virtual host, you can see list of all virtuals that belong to it (appears next to history button on top for that virtual host view).
  • Better Search: Home page search bar now supports searching by complete or partial : device name, asset #, serial #, hardware model name, notes, IP address, IP address notes, NAT list and its notes.

New Field Additions:

  • Added manufacturer part # for hardware
  • Added Version # for Operating System when defining it for a device.

Cosmetic Fixes:

  • Search bar on home page.
  • Warning message for IE users.(IE is still not supported)
  • Hardware list view is simpler as power information is hidden now.

Issues Fixed:

  • No more overlapping of devices allowed when adding devices inline in a rack. It throws internal server error now.
  • If Virtual machine has virtual host option checked, it can’t be parent of self. Also, parent of virtual machine’s host can’t be type virtual.

Known Issues:

  • Time sync for virtual appliance. Even when hardware clock on virtual host is correct, device42 virtual appliance doesn’t sync up correct time in some cases. We are working on adding an option to fix this.
  • IE doesn’t render menu bar correctly. We have added warning message for IE when user logs in. Please use firefox or chrome for now.
  • In Device list view for all devices, OS is shown as None in the listing. We are working on this and fix will be included in next release or patch. As a workaround for now, use the new device view by OS in Reports > Operating System Report.

Get started  here or download your update here.

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