Announcing Role based access, AD integration with release 2.2.0

I would like to start this post by thanking all our current customers and early adopters for requesting these features and helping us make device42 a powerful data center management software and IP Address management solution.

Role-based access has been one of the most requested feature and we are really excited to announce release 2.2.0 with role based access and other improvements.  Here is the brief rundown of new features in release 2.2.0:

1. Role Based Access: You would be able to assign view, change, add and delete permissions for each category now. This can be done on individual user level or group level; and once permissions are created for groups, you can just add users to respective groups. This brings about a change for current customers when looking at the details of any object, and that leads to next feature:

2. View only mode: By default, when you click on any object now, you would be presented with a view only mode vs. change mode in prior releases. There is an edit button on top where history, and add buttons are and that would take you to change view. Verbatim from one of our beta test customers: “I love this feature, chances of me screwing up some entry accidentally are now gone.

3. Active Directory Integration:  You would now be able to add active directory users to device42 and magic, everybody would be happier to be relieved the burden of remembering one more password.

4. Breadcrumbs: We have to thank JMM for this idea, and it does make navigation simpler now. You are in the edit mode of an object, easily go back to view mode or back to listing of all the objects using breadcrumbs now.

5. NTP Client: This can very well be described as a bug fix as well, since introduction of time zones and auto-scheduling for discovery; this was a needed feature. This is available from the virtual machine console .

6. Powerful Unified Search: Search always have been very crucial for us and you can still search extensively in each category, but in addition the search on home page is much more powerful now and will search all categories for you and return top 10 results for each category.

7. Debugging: For easier tech support, we have added an option to enable debugging, so you can send us detailed message when something unexpected happens and we can get to resolution sooner.

Cosmetic Fixes:

  • Added @ Building after the room name, makes it easier to identify what room you are looking at if the room names are same.
  • New submit/search button on home page.
  • For DNS records with empty name, you would be able to click on zone to go the view page now.

Bug Fixes:

  • Device, manufacturer None is now ignored when adding via APIs.(500 returned for device).
  • OS Name was not showing in list view for devices, now fixed.

Known Issues:

  • IE is still not supported.

If you haven’t started on a path to an automated and integrated documentation yet, do so by downloading your free trial at device42.

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