Announcing Auto-Discovery client v1 and release 2.3.2 for device42

Since the release of network auto-discovery and APIs, we have gotten great feedback and suggestions from some of you. We are excited to release 1st version of .net based auto-discovery client that would enumerate your network for windows and linux devices and populate device42 database automatically.


Client uses windows powershell for windows, ssh for linux and device42 appliance APIs to upload the data. More details, download link and getting started guide is available on the docs site at:


Release 2.3.2 is also available!

We have made some enhancements to API as well and introduced couple more changes, like customer field for devices and subnets and support for IE. Changes are listed below.



1. Customer Field for devices and subnets: You can now assign devices to customers(or departments/clients) using customer field. Same applied for subnets. When adding/editing IPs for a device, subnet field would show what customer the subnet belongs to and would make it easier for you to assign IPs as well.
2. PSU wattage: You can now add watts per PSU for hardware models. This would also show up in the list view for hardware, with # of PSUs and wattage. Please provide feedback and suggestions, as to how you would see this playing out for rack power calculations as we work on that module for future releases.
3. API Enhancement: If hardware type is physical or blade as already defined, API addition of device, would automatically categorize the device as physical or blade.


Bug Fixes/Cosmetic Changes:

1. Support for IE: IE8 and IE9 are now supported. IE7 also works somewhat, but won’t be supported. There are couple of icon display issues with IE9 which we are still working on.
2. Rack layout view button from rack view: Rack view add view rack layout button missing. That has been added.
3. Organization display name change to vendor: This was done in release 2.3.1, but search from home page, still listed this as organization. Now fixed.

You can get the latest update from: And download trial version at:



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