Centralized password management, backup and restore with release 2.4.2

Starting with release 2.4.2, you can now use Device42 appliance to centrally manage your passwords with granular access control per password. New release also brings other new additions around IPAM, reporting, imports and multi-rack display. Following is a quick summary:

Centralized Password Management with granular access control. AES256 bit encrypted store for passwords that can be centrally managed. No need to worry about sharing thumb drives or password protected files to share passwords. Assign granular permissions per password combination. You can read more at:

Backup and Restore. You can now create/schedule backups(encrypted) for device42 appliance and do restores from newly introduced Device42 Appliance Manager. Single license allows you to run a second backup virtual machine for disaster recovery/business continuance and you can restore your data anytime from the backups.

Powerful IPAM. Enhanced IP Address management with introduction of IP type, availability and bulk IP operations. Keep your information fairly up-to-date with new time stamp and filter by last updated feature. Here is a detailed write-up on this:

Enhanced Reporting.  Create excel reports for devices and IP Addresses with particular criteria. For example, report all physical and virtual devices that belong to particular customer(or department).

Import using Excel Sheets. No more need to worry about formatting of the CSV files anymore for device and IP import. You can now use regular excel files to do the import (and sample excel files also provided).

Multi-rack display. Now you can select multiple racks in the rack list view and show front or back layouts for all selected. Filter by Building/Room and see all the racks together.

Password Import.  Import your passwords using an excel sheet.

Additional Harddisks. Add drive size, type, speed, part #, manufacturer and raid group details with a new collapsed additional harddisk menu in device details.

Power per rack.  Added a new column that displays 80% of total wattage for all the devices(as manually entered by you). Ideas welcome here as we start to work more on integrating power documentation.

Behind the scenes

Preview release 2.4.0 was published last week with most of the  features above. Based on quick feedback, we added multi-rack display and account label in password in release 2.4.1 and password import functionality was added in 2.4.2 with 1 bug fix( introduced in 2.4.0 around restore).

Cosmetic Enhancements

  • As suggested by some of you, we have changed certain drop-down fields to use pop-up lookup. For example, devices and Mac address in IP address edit page is now pop-up lookup. It is still 2 clicks for most part but makes it easy to search and/or filter.

Bug Fixes

  • CSV export didn’t work well with special characters. Now fixed.
  • IE8 & 9 had issues with row display which is now fixed.

Known Issues

  • CSV import for devices and IP breaks if there are universal new characters in the file. As a workaround, excel import is now supported as mentioned in release notes above.

Update is available at and free trial is available at:

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