Detailed Password audit trail and better logging


In this post I would discuss couple of significant changes added in v3 for better audit trail and logging. Centralized password management module in device42 was introduced in v2.4 and now IT teams can not only centrally manage their passwords but also know which password was accessed when by which user.

Detailed Password audit trail


As suggested by Matthew H, we have added the ability to log whenever a password is viewed. Earlier you could see if a new password was added or if there was a change or deletion in the password.
Starting with v3, you would be able to see who viewed certain password(represented by the username, shown in “Object repr” in the image).


Password audit trail would be visible from individual password history view as well.

Better Audit log with object representation.


We have added object representation also in the audit trail and now it is easier to see what object was changed/added through the History page. For example, in earlier version it would just show if an IP address was changed by an administrator. Starting with v3, it would show which IP address as well.

v3 beta is now available for download

We are working on making public release available along with the update file for existing customers. Meanwhile, you can test run v3 beta at : and tell us your thoughts.

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