Read APIs to get device data from device42 appliance

Based on your feedback on making device42 a well integrated inventory management system, we have published first iteration of the read APIs to extract data from device42 appliance.
Starting with v300 we added read APIs to get basic device details from device42 appliance using your favorite format and there were couple of enhancements in v311 regarding this. Here are some sample commands and outputs for the same.

Get basic device data


Example using curl:
curl -i -H “Accept: application/json” -u username:password –insecure

What is included


Above is a slightly formatted output image. Fields for a device(if available) that are returned:
name, serial #, asset #, hardware model, location(rack, start, room, building etc.), support vendor info.

Support Info is gotten from contract first. If there is no contract assigned, then it is taken from the last entered purchase for the device.

Supported formats

json, jsonp, yaml, xml formats are supported as of this writing.

yaml has a bug with starting # representation. We are working on a resolution for this.

More read APIs are coming soon and your ideas are welcome!

v311 is now available for download/update.

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