Easier navigation with release v3.1.2

In our quest to make device42 an easy to use software for all your data center inventory management needs, we are excited to release v3.1.2 with following enhancements.

Links links everywhere

On popular demand, links are here. All relationships between objects are now clickable links in the view mode.

e.g. Rooms listed below building are now clickable and take you to the room and building listed in the room is also clickable and brings you back to the building.

Printable pages

Now the list and view pages are printable. While printing, the menu is now hidden and fonts optimized. You can now print any lists(raw or filtered) and object details, without wasting those extra pages with the printed menu.

Debug info with network snmp auto-discovery

We are working on opening up the APIs externally for network snmp auto-discovery. Meanwhile, for easier troubleshooting of snmp discovery issues, we have added a new collapsed field called Debug Info in the network switch page.
So if you have debug enabled in global settings(Tools > Option > Debug), next network snmp discovery would add detailed debug message for what is happening behind the scenes.

Group members listing on the group view page

As suggested by Andrew S: In administrator group view, now you can see what users are part of that group.

Other changes

List of other cosmetic and/or minor improvements in this release:

  • As suggested by Rytis L: Tools > Export page now only shows the category based on permissions. Earlier, it would list all the items and then give permission denied error if user tried to export objects from a category he/she didn’t have permission to.
  • Import IP and devices csv import menu links are now hidden. If you still prefer to use csv rather than excel import, please let us know and we can send you the links for csv import.
  • Used count now shown in hardware components(and CPU. memory, HD) view.
  • Added notes field for PDU.

Bug Fixes

  • Blade device view- hardware support info has been taken out. We migrated to use purchase in Asset Lifecycle management since v3.1.0 and hardware support info was left out in blade type devices. Please migrate any new additions in blade hardware support sections to purchase(we won’t automatically migrate this because it might lead to double data entry if migration was already performed).
  • Better error message handling when applying a license file.

Known Issues

  • Since 2.5.0: If you restore from previous versions(2.4.2 or 2.4.3), there is a bug that prevents you from deleting administrators that came from the restore. You can disable the account for now as a work around.
  • Since v3.1.2: Not able to add new service level for device or asset. There is no workaround for now.

Update file is available at We are working on publishing the new images with these changes, trial users can download v3.1.1 meanwhile and apply the update file to get to the latest build.

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