Better visualization, open ldap support and more with v313

Thanks for all the feedback and helping us make device42 a useful data center asset and inventory management software. v313 is 100% customers’ ideas and few bug fixes. Here is a brief rundown of the new features.

Licensing count for operating system and better visualization with listed devices


As per suggestion from Rytis L., we have added a checkbox to mark whether the device OS should count towards licensing or not. Now you can easily mark those Dev/DR boxes and see how many total licenses are in use and how many of those count towards licenses.
You can view devices from the operating system page also now with introduction of links in v312, you can go to the device page to see/edit details. So better reporting, easier navigation.

View devices per hardware


As per suggestion from Chris H, we have also added devices view inline on any hardware view. This makes reporting and navigation easier.

View devices belonging to a customer/department


As suggested by Brain K., list all the devices belonging to a customer on the customer view page and click on device to go to view/edit page.

Hostname checking now optional in appliance manager


We recommend to turn this setting on to enforce strict hostname checking when logging into device42 appliance, but we have made it optional for you to decide.

Experimental Open LDAP support


As originally suggested by Tomas H and Nicholas Radonicich Open LDAP support is finally here, albeit experimental. We have only tested against ubuntu open ldap server and are looking forward to your feedback as you test it out in the field.

Time Zone Support for OS


As reported by Scott H, we have added console menu option to set time zone for the appliance, so the backup mails go out when you want those to go out.

Better search on the device page

As suggested by Brian K, the device page now has better search capability. You can search by asset number, serial number, hardware model, customer name and notes also now. For virtual device page, you can also search by virtual host name and for blade device page you can search by chassis device name as well.

Automatic logout from the password page

For better password security, we have added inactivity timer on the password pages. If user is on password list, view or edit page and is inactive for a minute, the session would be logged out. You can read more technical details at earlier blog post: Securing the password page.

Asset Number prefix length increase

As suggested by Craig D, asset # prefix in the asset profile page is now upto 10 character vs 4 character initially.

Cosmetic Fix #1 for hardware view/edit page


Size and depth field have been moved to single line as both belong to regular type hardware.

Cosmetic Fix #2 for organisation in Role based access multi-select

As reported by Michael Loffredo, vendor was showing as “organisation” when adding roles/permissions for user on the user administration page. This is fixed to reflect “vendor” now.

Cosmetic Fix #3 for OS Support Vendor and OS Support expiry

As reported by Rytis L., Os support organisation and Os support expiry for OS field in the device view have now been fixed to reflect “OS Support Vendor” and “OS support expiry”

Cosmetic Fix #4 for Active Directory Settings

Active Directory Settings menu item has been moved under Settings ( As suggested by Rytis L.). We would streamline options and Settings tabs further in upcoming releases.

Bug Fixes

  • Searching in search box on the home page gave an error message to non super user. This is now fixed.
  • Users could not add service level for devices and assets. Now fixed.

Known Issues

  • Since 2.5.0: If you restore from previous versions(2.4.2 or 2.4.3), there is a bug that prevents you from deleting administrators that came from the restore. You can disable the account for now as a work around.
  • After the reboot static DNS settings are wiped out, so you might need to enter DNS settings again if that happens(on the vm console, option 1). This would cause issues for active directory logins using a FQDN instead of IP. Patch 313P1 is in works and would be out soon.
  • On Home page search bar, rack results wrongly point to room instead of rack. This would be fixed with Patch 313P1 as well.

Get your copy now!

v313 is available at the device42 download page. Existing customers can get the latest update file at device42 update page.

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