Critical bug fix with v313P1

Release v313P1 is now available and addresses following 2 bugs since publication of v313 with Better visualization, open ldap support and more.

DNS settings persist on reboots now

This is embarrassing as it took us almost a month to realize that the DNS settings for the appliance were not persisting against reboots. Upgrade to v313 needed a reboot and that made it more obvious. This has been fixed with v313P1. Customers already on v313 can apply this patch and it would not even need any application or appliance restart. Its still a regular update with reboot for customer on v2.5 upto v3.1.2

Search on racks on home page search bar

Home page search bar was not rendering the right links when you searched for racks names. This is now fixed.

Get the latest update

You can get the update link from device42 update page. For trial and new users, latest release on download page is now v313P1 as well.

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