Robust web server and easy hardware import with v315

v315 introduces a robust webserver, hardware and enduser import and better power estimations for easier data center management.

Nginx/uwsgi replace apache/mod_wsgi for webserver

Nginx has more predictable behavior under heavy load and we are replacing apache2 webserver with nginx/uwsgi combination. This means you can now enable CDP for large networks in snmp network discovery as web server can now handle large requests smoothly.

Excel import for hardware models for easier data population


Introducing excel import for hardware models so that you can quickly build your hardware library to use in device42. This would work well in conjunction with auto-discovery client and external scripts, where you can add new or modify discovered hardware properties using an excel sheet.

Better estimated Power calculation for racks


As per suggestions from Alex M, we have introduced a PSU redundancy checkbox in hardware model. So no more double calculation for hardware PSU wattage in the rack display. We are simply dividing the # total power supplies by 2 for better estimation. This means, if a hardware model has 2 power supplies which are redundant, only 1 is calculated towards 80% of PSU wattage total and if a hardware model has 5 power supplies, factor of 2.5 is used to calculate towards the 80% of PSU wattage total.

Excel import for end users

Import end users’ information using excel sheet.

Option to enable HTTP


As per feedback, we have added an option (in appliance manager) to enable http as well. We don’t recommend this setting and if you are using password management module(or planning on using it), you should leave this disabled.

Simpler HTTPS certificate import

HTTPS certificate tab moves out to appliance manager(so you can apply the cert and restart the application from the appliance manager itself).
We are not asking for the CA file anymore, you would just need the cert and key file to apply the cert.(Assuming your browser already has the CA cert installed. Please let us know if you would like to see an option to add the CA cert as well.)
vm console menu option to Apply HTTPS certificate has been taken out.

Other/Cosmetic Enhancements

  • Added asset # in physical and blade device view.
  • Help external links now open in new tab/window.
  • SNMP network discovery task when finished always displayed success if it completed(regardless whether it failed or worked). Message now changed to reflect that task is finished. Debug Info has better status for the discovery.
  • Added search by location for assets, device type- other and end users.
  • Options and Settings menu tabs under Tools have been merged into Settings tab.

Bug Fixes

  • Search button in asset view was broken. Now fixed.
  • Report > Device report was ignoring the service level. Now fixed.
  • Asset Type allowed addition for same name with different casing. The validation check is case insensitive now.

Update Link

Current customers can get the update file from device42 update page.

If you haven’t started using device42, see it for yourself by downloading a 30 day free trial at the device42 download page.

Update 8/23/12 10:15 am(EST): As per some support requests for “bad gateway with nginx”, we have reverted to v313P1 for the download and v314 for the update link. Please watch this space and device42 twitter page for the resolution and news on v315. Current users on v315 who are experiencing this issue, please open a support request.

Update 8/23/12 8:00 pm(EST): Patch v315P5 is now available. Please open a support ticket by emailing us at [email protected] or ¬†from the support portal to get the latest patch.

Update 8/27/12 10:00 (EST): Device42 update page now has v315P5 available. We are still working on new images. If you are on version 315, you should have gotten an email from support with the patch and install instructions. Please write to us otherwise.

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