Better Switch Port Mappings and Power Estimations per PDU with release v316

With v316 in device42 we are adding another field for power(per PDU port) and this would give you a better idea while planning which rack the next server goes to. Hopefully, this would help you in better planning for your data center infrastructure.
This version also introduces asset import via excel and improved switch port mappings. Details below.

Using PDU ports for better power estimations


A new field “watts” has been added per PDU port. By default, device hardware watts( or PDU total if a PDU is connected to that port) would be used in sum calculation. User can enter desired values to override.
Sum total of all the values would be visible on PDU view/edit page, PDU list page and also in the rack layout view as shown below.


Excel Import for Assets


You can now import your existing asset information using excel sheet.

Global action to mark devices in service or not


Now you can select multiple devices and change “In service” for selected devices.

Better Switch Port mappings


This might be filed in the bug fix as well. If you discovered a device first and then network snmp discovery also found same MAC address but with different case, it was creating a new MAC address.
Now, the MAC address check is case insensitive and you would see direct mapping of devices to switch ports.
We also added mass delete functionality under switch port, so you can delete switch ports(with filtering and search) and redo the discoveries in case you were hit by this.

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Current customers can download v316 using the update from the device42 update page.

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