Read APIs, Improved password & device import and better rack diagram with v317

Thank you for your feedback and valuable suggestions in helping us make device42 a comprehensive infrastructure management software. We are excited to announce availability of read APIs and password import that is useful and lot more additions as discussed below.

Read APIs are finally here

Integrated IT infrastructure management software with RESTful APIs

As some of you have asked for device42 database access, we are excited to announce more Read APIs for device and customer fields. Following have been added for now and more is in the works. Now the integration with your external systems would be easier. Please let us know your thoughts as this is in active development now.


Introducing full featured password import


You can now add devices and permissions while importing your passwords. Thanks to Johannes S. for the suggestion.
Bulk delete option has also been added to passwords.

Improved Device Import


Add service level, type, customer and properties for device type “other” in improved excel device import.

Better rack display with bigger font


Thanks to suggestions to Armar R and Rytis L, font on the rack image has been adjusted for better readability.

Custom Fields with key value pair for customers


Added custom values in form of Key value pairs to add custom values to customer. You can choose key/value across or use key as drop down and use value2 for individualized fields.

Contacts for Customer


Now add contact details per contact type for customers.

See subnets assigned to a customer


In addition to see devices per customer, you can also see subnets assigned to that customer as well.

Normalized mac address


Mac address would be saved normalized now going forward. This would not change any older entries though. You can delete or re-create for normalizations for older entries.

Subnet and MAC changed to lookup icon instead of drop-down for faster device edit page render


Its still 2 clicks to add subnet, mac address or switch port on a device edit page, but page render time is much better now for large data sets. And, now you can search/filter as well.

Hidden menus added for certain circumstances

We have added a couple of hidden menus, which would help when you get stuck in certain circumstances. But we have chosen not to publish those publicly for now and we would only share with you if you really need those.

Bug Fix: Auto-fill disabled for email server settings in appliance manager


Certain browser were auto-filling username and password field in mail server settings(in appliance manager) and causing emails to fail for backup. Auto-fill has been disabled for this form and these 2 fields.

Grab your copy today and let us know what you think

Update file is available at device42 update page.

You can try our device42 free for 30 days. Grab your copy from device42 download page.

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