Important bug fixes and additional contract fields in v318

Our apologies for the mac address duplications because of the bug discussed below. v318 fixes 3 bugs and adds new fields for contract.

New fields for contract

Improved Contract handling for better data center inventory management

As suggested, we have added renew/cancel by date and Renewal/Cancellation policy fields to contract. The later is a text field and starts out in a collapsed view.

Bug Fix: Import/Auto-discovery keeps adding duplicate MAC addresses

Since we added normalization of MAC addresses while storing the MACs in v317, this broke the auto-discovery search pattern when checking if a mac already existed or not.(If the discovered mac was not in normalized form, e.g. 00:11:22:33:44:55).

v318 normalizes all mac addresses stored in DB and checks for discovered macs in similar fashion. Now we are utilizing built-in macaddr type in postgresql database.
It is more strict on what format the mac can be entered in and we are working on updating the documentation to reflect the same.

We are looking into functions for better conflict handling. If you wish, you can mass delete the MAC addresses and let it be auto-discovered. We would address duplicates programatically in a new release.

Bug Fix: Page not found with dot (.) in device name, asset # or serial # for Read APIs

Read APIs as introduced in v317, had a bug where if you had a dot in the device name, serial # or asset #, the url would not be recognized and you would get page not found error. That has been fixed.

Bug Fix: Device import checks for type after it tries to import blade or virtual host

type column in device import was added in v317 in device import and we were checking this after the fact that excel sheet might have blade host or virtual host assigned as well. Because of this, all other properties would show up via import but blade host or virtual host was not being added. Now type is checked before these 2 fields and order of columns in excel sheet is still same.

Field Change: Memory for device property now accepts digits

You can now add fractional memory under Property tab for a device for total memory info. Also, memory added via auto-discovery was being changed to a whole number, so 3.75GB would show as 3GB. This field has been changed and allows upto 3 digits after the number.
(If you have memory values greater than 999999 currently in the system (which we doubt you do 🙂 ) those would be deleted to account for this change.

Link for update

Update for this data center management software is available at:
We are still working on uploading the new images for download. You can download v317 image and apply the latest update for now.

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