Enhancing IPAM: easier IP address management from the device page

This is the 2nd post as part of what is coming in v320. One of the main themes for v320 is enhancing the user experience around IP address management and making it easier as per feedback.
Earlier we discussed introduction of nested subnets. In the following post, I am highlighting some of the changes with device and IP address relations.

Auto assign next available IP address for the device

Easier IP address management with auto assign next IP for a device

Starting with v320, we are taking away “Get IP List’ button and replacing it with “Assign/Clear IP” for easier IP address management from the device page.
“Get IP List” opened the IP list for chosen subnet in a new tab and you could assign device to IP from there or manually calculate what next IP to use for the device.
Now, if you are adding an IP with “Assign/Clear IP”, it will automatically find the next available IP in the chosen subnet and assign it to the device for you.

Clear IP address and mark it available from device page

Easier IP address management with option to release a IP from a device

You can still delete IP address using the delete checkbox in the device edit page, but we have added another option to clear the IP relationship and mark the IP address as available.
If IP is already assigned, “Assign/Clear IP” button gives you the option to clear that IP address from device and mac relation and makes the IP address available.

Device delete and MAC IP relationship

In earlier versions, if there are IP and MAC address associated with a device and you tried to delete a device, it would just throw a warning page asking to delete the corresponding MAC address and IP address first. Based on feedback, while this check is important, it could be made simpler.
Starting with v320, it would just delete the IP and MAC address from the database upon device deletion.
We are adding following feature if you wish not to delete the IPs and instead, make it available.

Bulk option to clear IP fields and make it available

Easier IP address management with bulk IP operations

We are introducing a new bulk action “Clear ALL fields & mark selected IPs as available” in v320 on the IP address list page. You can search/filter for IPs, select and choose this action. It will present a confirmation page before proceeding.

Participate in the beta program!

We are getting close to the beta release for v320 and would love to hear your thoughts on these features. You can get invited to be among the first ones to try out the beta. Just fill out the following form and we would notify you as soon as beta is published.

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