Hardware merge function and more APIs with v321

In our quest to make device42 really easy to use IT infrastructure management software, we are excited to add following enhancements with v321.

Hardware Merge Function


Using auto-discovery, import or APIs, sometimes you end up with multiple hardware names for same hardware model and devices assigned to each of these. We have added a new function in hardware edit to merge a hardware model with another hardware model. You have to just make sure size, depth, type and blade size(for blade type) match for these 2 models. It would ask you to choose which hardware to merge into and would re-assign device relationships to chosen hardware object and delete this object.

Vendor Excel Import

New import utility to import vendor information using an excel sheet has been added.


We have added following new POST APIs. Utility is same as excel import functions and you can use these to add new values or edit older values:
/api/1.0/device/rack/ : to POST device rack info.
/api/1.0/vendor/ : to POST vendor info.

Additions to Device GET API

Device GET API now outputs these additional details:

  • Contract
  • Purchases
  • Web links

Bug Fixes

  • Complete device list using APIs would error out in v320 if any of the device name had a space in it. We have changed the device_url to use device id instead of device name and that fixes that issue.
  • If CPU speed was exactly 1000MHz, the import would fail via APIs. That has been fixed.

Update is now available

Update file is available from device42 update page.

We have not published a new image with v321 yet. If you are trying out device42 software, you can download v320 and apply this update to get to the latest build for now.

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