Improved subnet tree with v324

v324 is now available and contains enhancements that significantly improve the device42 ip address management experience.

Improved Subnet Tree for easy ip address management


Shown above is a new expandable subnet tree view for nested subnets and IP addresses.  The device association displays next to the IP address where available.  You can also right click and open a new tab to get to the view page for subnet or IP address.

Option to get more search results


When searching on the home page, we have added a new button to get first 100 results after the initial search.

RESTful API improvements

The following new API post calls have been added:

  • Add or update DNS A records:  /api/1.0/dns/a/
  • Add a device url: /api/1.0/device/url/

The api following new API put call has been added:

  • We have added a new put call that takes customer name in the argument:  /api/1.0/custom_fields/customer/.  Previously, if customer name had spaces, custom field API call with name would fail.
Other improvements:
  • Added pdu name to the existing pdu get api call.
  • Added ‘is_it_blade_host’, ‘blade_host’ and ‘slot_no’ arguments for the device put and post api calls.

The update file for v324 is now available at device42 update page.

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