Extended historical logging for datacenter management software with v4.0.0 beta

In our quest to make device42 a better datacenter management software for you, we are excited to announce the extended logging module starting with v4.0.0 beta.
Now all the changes/additions through APIs and excel imports are also logged. Enhancements for audit log module are discussed below.

Track object values at addition

better logging for datacenter management software by device42

In the earlier versions if an object was added, it didn’t track the values at the time of addition. Now, we are storing the object state as it is added. If object refers to another object, then the id for another object is stored.

What changed vs just changed message


Now we are tracking what fields were changed when you edit an object. Again, for relational objects, only the ids are stored.

History for API calls and excel imports

log changes made via API and excel imports to your datacenter documentation

Most API calls that end in successful addition or change are now logged as well. Arguments that were passed and username used is also logged.
For excel imports, comma separated row values are logged.

Simpler interface


We have changed the list interface a bit for simplicity. All that crypted True, False for addition/change etc. changes to simple what the action was.

Link to filter for object history

datacenter management made simple with easy search for log enteries

Each object representation now has a link to filter history entries for that object.

Get your datacenter management under control with device42

Start your new year with a robust, easy to use documentation for your datacenter. 4.0.0 beta is now available upon request. Please send us a note or open a new support ticket from the left tab if you would like to participate in the beta and help us make this better for you.

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