Experimental support for Cisco UCS Manager discovery with v5.0.3

We are excited to announce experimental support for discovery using the Cisco UCS Manager. Chassis, blade and service profiles info will be discovered in v5.0.3. This change and other changes in v5.0.3 are discussed below.

Cisco UCS Manager Discovery


As mentioned above, chassis, blade and service profile information will be discovered. Service profiles will be correlated to the corresponding blade devices and you will be able to search by service profile name from the dashboard search box. The blade device view will also have a link to the connected service profile.

With this new feature, the DATACENTER menu also gets a new tab named “Service Profile”.

Better debug support for network switch auto-discovery


We have added an option in the network switch auto-discovery to choose the debug level. By default, the Normal Debug option will be selected. The Normal Debug option makes the debug information more readable and you can easily decipher the steps during the discovery phase. An example is shown below.


Switch port to direct device connectivity


Based on user requests, we have added an option to add a direct connect relationship between a switch port and a device. In earlier versions, you could connect a device to a switch either via a patch panel or via a mac address but not directly. In v5.0.3, all three options are available. You can find the new option under the “Other” tab for the device view and edit pages.

Cosmetic change: The notes field on the view page has better formatting


All the notes fields as well as any free form text fields will now show line breaks. In previous versions, all text was displayed as a single line on the view page and line breaks were only visible on the edit page.

Other cosmetic changes

  • The patch panel port display hover now has dynamic sizing based on the character length of the object.
  • TAP ports and patch panel ports are ordered by module slot # and id now for consistency.

Easily search your Cisco UCS service profiles and devices with v5.0.3 now

v5.0.3 update file is now available at device42 update page.
New users can grab the device42 virtual appliance from device42 download page.

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