Automate your data center documentation with v5.1.0

We have added a correlation between the serial # and the uuid for device auto-disocovery in v5.1.0. Also, this version is power monitoring ready and we will soon announce the availability and the new pricing for the DCM appliance. Automate and significantly improve your data center documentation with the following changes in v5.1.0.  Data center management software from Device42.

Enhanced auto-discovery with uuid


Devices get “uuid” as a new field. Earlier, any auto-discovery call only correlated the device based on the device name or alias. Now, it will look for a matching serial # and/or a matching /uuid as well. This will reduce duplicate device creation.

vmware auto-discovery to get host operating system info


Vmware auto-discovery now gets OS, version and build # as well. It also gets the uuid of each VM.

Sort by columns in reports


You can now choose which columns to sort the report.

Label for direct device connectivity


You can now label direct device to switch connections.

Search by patch panel labels, tap port labels or direct connectivity labels

The main search bar will now search for matching label names for patch panels, tap ports and direct device connections.

Search from anywhere

search bar in the menu tab

In the top menu bar a search icon which enables you to click and search for almost anything from anywhere.

DB tuning for better performance


We have added a new option named “DB optimize” in the appliance manager. Although, the DB has an autovacuum process to optimize the DB automatically, this new option goes beyond the automatic optimization and re-indexes the database. However, this process can take a long time. We recommend that you only do this occasionally and/or when recommended by Device42 support.

Automated data center documentation with v5.1.0

Current customers can grab the latest update file from device42 update page.
New users can try out device42 for free from device42 free trial page and update to latest version using the link above.

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