Citrix Xen Virtualization auto-discovery and bug fixes with v5.1.1

Citrix Xen Virtualization auto-discovery is now available in device in v5.1.1! This version also brings enhancements to the subnet tree and some bug fixes as discussed below.

Citrix Xen Virtualization Support


You can now connect to a Citrix Xen server and auto-discover the following information:

For Hosts: Host name, serial #, hardware model, OS version and build #, CPU info, IP and/or MAC address info.
For VMs: VM name, UUID, MAC address(es), CPU/memory info and power state(in service).

The Citrix Xen auto-discovery capabilities can be found under Tools > Auto-Discovery > vCenter where you can choose between vmware and Citrix Xen discovery.

Enhanced subnet tree

subnet tree for IPAM

As per this feature request from Hugh Davie on the device42 support portal, we have added IP address labels to the subnet tree. Also, the subnet and IP are now clickable. A click causes a view page to appear in a popup window.

Bug fixes

We have addressed following bugs/issues with v5.1.1:

  •     DNS record import failed if a record type was not recognized. Now the auto-discovery ignores that single record, logs it, and continues the import process.
  •     View password was not showing a complete password if the password had either a ‘<‘ or a ‘>’ in the password string.
  •     A performance issue with lots of passwords has been fixed.
  •     A room drag/drop issue was fixed where users were able to drag certain objects on top of existing objects.
  •     A device energy/power utilization chart time range issue was fixed.

DCIM software download

Device42 DCIM software v5.1.1 is now available for download at:

Current customers can grab the latest update file from:

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