IPAM API with VRF Group and IP relocation bug fix in v512

Starting with device42 v5.1.2, an IPAM feature enhancement allows for passing a VRF group as an optional argument to the IP RESTful API call to add/update the IP in the correct VRF group as discussed below.

Enhanced IP API call

You can now pass a vrf_group or a vrf_group_id as arguments in the IP API call (/api/ip/). With this enhancement, if you have the same IP addresses across different VRF groups, you will be able to add/update IPs into the correct group. Here is a sample curl command:

curl -X POST -u 'admin:adm!nd42' --insecure \
-d "ipaddress=" \
-d "vrf_group=Finance Group Chicago"

IP relocation bug fix

IP relocation had a bug where a relocation of an IP to a subnet with nested subnets resulted in an error. This has been addressed in v5.1.2

Effective IPAM from command line with device42

Managing multiple VRF groups with similar IPs? Take the easy way out with device42. Grab a 30 day free trial from device42 download page. Current customers can grab the latest update file from:

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