More MIBs for network auto-discovery and improved IP address management with v5.1.3

**Update: This feature has been depreciated.** All available MIB files are now loaded by default. To clarify, this feature never enabled end user loading of custom MIB files. If you need a custom MIB loaded, or need further assistance, please reach out to [email protected]


IP address management in device42 now supports more SNMP MIBs for network auto-discovery. This and other additions/changes in v5.1.3 are discussed below.

More SNMP MIBs and configuration option


We have added more snmp MIBs to device42 to support even more devices in network auto-discovery. In addition to that, you can choose to load selected MIBs per manufacturer. By default, all MIBs are loaded. But for better memory management while running auto-discovery, you can choose to load selected MIBs.

Generate SNMPWALK output for support from the appliance manager


In order to troubleshoot a network or PDU device, we often ask users to send us output of snmpwalk command. Now you can run this right from appliance manager and don’t have to worry about installing/configuring snmpwalk externally.

Display DNS record name in IP address list view


We have changed the furniture a bit for IP address list view in v5.1.3. Notes column has been taken out and we have added a DNS records column. If the IP address is a content in a DNS record, you will see the FQDN of that DNS records now. If there are two or more records associated with a single IP, one record is shown with “…..” to reflect more than one record. This saves on some real estate on the page.

Custom key pair values for Assets

Assets also get custom key/pair values now, so you can store any type of info per Asset.

Bug fixes

  • Deleting a device from a rack ended up in a blank page. That has been now fixed with a delete checkbox next to racked device info.
  • On VLAN page, search didn’t work for notes and description. That is now fixed.
  • Application restart option from the vm console failed sometimes for celery, which is now fixed.

Better IP address management with device42

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