.Net D42 Auto Discovery Client v3.1.1 with better UUID handling

We have published v3.1.1 of the D42 Auto Disc client that has better handling of the UUID as described below. Starting with v531 of the device42 app, you will see better correlation of data between machines discovered by multiple discovery methods.

Windows UUID vs vm guest UUID

When encoded in binary (as opposed to the human-readable text format), the GUID may be stored in a structure with four different fields. This format differs from the UUID standard only in the byte order of the first 3 fields. We need to flip endianness of the first three (of four) data fields.

Since HyperV and Windows WMI output UUID in a different format for first 3 fields, we need to convert it to raw format. Starting with v3.1.1(and device42 v5.3.1), if you discover a machine from vmware/Citrix or Cisco UCS auto-discovery, it should correlate the data from the direct windows level discovery as well. So you won’t see duplicate devices in such cases now.

Auto Discovery client download

D42 Auto Discovery client is available for download at:

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