Overlapping domains & centralized password management enhancements in v5.3.2

Starting with v5.3.2, you can now have overlapping domain names. Centralized password management also gets few enhancements. More details below.

Overlapping domain names


You can now overlapping domain names in device42. This will be useful in scenarios, where you have same domain on internal and external DNS servers.

DNS zone now gets an additional required field called “nameserver”. If you are doing import via DNS auto-discovery, the nameserver in auto-discovery will be added as the nameserver in the zone file.

Also, on the records page, there is an extra filter option to filter by nameserver.

Passwords and application components


You can now assign passwords to application components. And you will be able to list the passwords from the application components page as well.

Password last changed date


Anytime, you change the password the newly added date field “last password change” will get updated. You can manually update the date for legacy passwords as well. This will make it easier for audit and security purposes to keep track on what passwords were changed when?

Other enhancements

  • Option to change nameplate value for objects in rack has been extended to multi-rack display as well.
  • Lifecycle management API now accepts serial_no or asset_no. If that field is unique for device or asset, you can now update asset lifecycle event based on asset number or serial number.
  • Device API now accepts a new parameter “contract”. This is in addition to contract_id. If contract name is unique, it will add the device to that contract.
  • Switch port GET API now includes mac addresses on each port. Easier to create reports for what port has connections or not.

Bug Fixes

  • Permissions issue in API Excel Import has been fixed.
  • Audit history issue with API Excel Import, where importing devices was not being logged, has been fixed.

Better password management with v532

Update file for v532 with Improved password management is available at: device42 update page.

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