Enhanced enterprise password management with v5.5.0

We have added following new features to enhance the enterprise password management in v5.5.0

New menu positioning and copy password without displaying


We have moved the password menu from Devices > Passwords to the main menu navigation bar.

Now on the password list page and on the view page, you can simply copy the password by clicking on copy and Ctrl + C (or Cmd C for Mac). This doesn’t display the password on the screen, but makes it available to copy to clipboard directly.

Generate Random password


When adding a new password or when changing a password, you can use a random system generated password. You can set the default settings for # of upper case, lower case, special and digit characters under Tools > Settings > Global settings. These settings can be adjusted per password as well.


History of prior passwords


Changing a password on multiple devices or applications carries the risk that you missed an app or device. As a result, you may feel the need to store the old password somewhere to login. This is exactly what we are addressing with the prior passwords feature in this release. Going forward, we will store all prior passwords in an encrypted fashion and you will be able to access them from password view page.

Password reports


You can now create and schedule reports to know what passwords have not been changed in last X months. This will aid in your security and compliance needs.

Password APIs

We have added GET call for REST APIs for passwords, so you can retrieve passwords for a device, for a username, label or a combination of these. More details: https://docs.device42.com/api-overview/data-create-update-apis/passwords-via-rest-apis/

Secure enterprise password management with device42

Managing your service and team passwords is now much easier with device42. Please try out the enhancements with a free trial of device42.