Enhanced Password Management and power bug fixes with v5.5.3

Device42 v5.5.3 has two new enterprise password management features: Custom fields and expiration dates. These changes are discussed below.

Expiration Date for Passwords


You can now choose the number of days a password expires in and device42 instance will automatically calculate the expiry date based on the last password change date. This shows up on the list page as well. You can also report on passwords that expired in last n months. This will help you in security compliance.

Custom key value pair for Passwords

You can assign custom keys and values to passwords now. This is similar to what is available for devices and other objects in device42.

Purchase and support info for devices and assets


Purchase and support Info now shows up on the device and asset pages.

Password masking for auto-discovery pages

While entering SNMP string for network auto-discovery or password while doing vmware auto-discovery, we were masking the string with an open source library dpassword. As noted in support calls, it added complexity for not really much security. We have disabled the masking on auto-discovery pages now. Here is a usability article from Jakob Nielson which kind of inspired us to take this out:
Let us know your thoughts in the comments section on this topic.

API Changes

  • purchases API has been enhanced to accept line_device_serial_nos or line_device_asset_nos. With either of these parameters, you can now assign pre-existing devices with either the serial # or the asset #.
  • device GET API call now output mac addresses as well (as mac_addresses).

Bug Fixes

  • Reporting issues with custom key pair values have been fixed.
  • Device report issue with Operating System filter has been fixed.
  • PDU discovery via SNMP in the D42DCM failed in some edge cases. This has been addressed in this release.
  • Timeout value for IPMI discovery has been increased.

Enterprise password management with device42

Start managing your shared passwords in more secured way with device42. You can try device42 for free from:
Current users can grab the update file from:

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