Improved Structured Cabling and better VM discovery with v5.5.5

We are excited to announce availability of v5.5.5 with improved structured cable management and other additions as discussed below.

Structured cable management with direct switch back connections


You can now choose the back connection type when adding a patch panel. With type “switch”, you can now directly connect back of the patch panel to the switch ports. This will cover more use cases when doing structured cable management in Device42. The back connection is also now visible in the switch impact charts and the hover over paths in the patch panel layout. Last, the connection will also show up on the switch port view/edit page as shown below.


Better VM discovery with handling of stale VMs


VMWare vCenter and Citrix Xen Server VM discovery gets an option handling VMs that are not found in subsequent discoveries. You can now either:
1. Remove the Host Association (default)
2. Change the Service Level (you can choose one). This also removes the host association.
3. Delete the VM.
All these changes are logged in the object history.

Bulk actions on all the device list pages


This has been asked many times before and it is finally here! Bulk actions now show up on all Device list pages such as Device Physical, Device Virtual etc.. You can now filter/search and do the bulk actions for each device type.

CPU Info in the OS report


As suggested by Hal V. , we have added CPU Count and Core count in Operating System reports.

Switch Port Reporting


We have added switch port reporting to reports section as well. Now it is easier to generate reports, see how switch ports are connected, and get other info.

Choose your own delimiter for CSV exports


Per this request: , we have added option to choose your own delimiter for the CSV export.

Link to appliance manager on the login page


This one is self explanatory as shown in the image above.

Locale and language settings for internationalization support


You can now choose additional locale and language settings. For now, these settings will primarily only affect numbers, currencies, and dates. You will also see a few translated words such as Add, Select, Delete, View, Edit. If you want a non-English locale setting but prefer to leave all the words in the product in English, please contact Device42 Support and we will send you a file to load from this same screen that will set the translated words back to English.

Also please note that we have internationalized the Device42 code base so that we can create fully-translated versions just by sending translation files to translators. We are in the process of prioritizing translations and we’d welcome your input on what you think the priorities should be.

Version # in the backup file

Backup file name or email now has the version #.

API Changes

  • You can now add HDD info the the Device properties in the Device API call with these extra parameters: hddcount, hddsize, hddraid, hddraid_type
  • The patch panel port API gets back_switchport_id or back_switch and back_switchport as extra parameters for the addition of switch port back connectivity.

Bug Fixes

  • AD group sync issue – if there was an issue importing a single member, it was failing the whole sync. Now it ignores that one member and prints out the error message in the log bundle.
  • History API was giving wrong error code for permission error. IT is now fixed.
  • Guest OS name discovery in VMware discovery is now using unicode encoding.
  • Rack drag and drop with Chrome on Windows 8.1 was not working every time This is now addressed.
  • Removed capabilities section for non-power-enabled devices
  • Fixed bug causing On/Off switches for power-enabled devices to not be displayed

Get your cable management in order now!

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