Improved Switch Port Discovery with v5.5.6

v5.5.6 contains a number of improvements for better switch port discovery.

Option to delete switch ports no longer found in auto-discovery


Sometimes a switch port is found in one auto-discover and then, at a later time, is no longer found by auto-discover. You can now choose to delete from Device42 the switch ports that are not found in auto-discovery for network devices. This also helps if you want to ignore certain discovered network port type(s) that were previously discovered. Once you add the port types to ignore and run the discovery again, all the ignored ports will be deleted automatically.

Switch ports added to main search index


The Search bar on the home page and the search icon on the menu bar now include results for switch port names and descriptions.

Bug fix for updated switch port descriptions

Previously, if the switch port description was updated, it was not being stored correctly. This has been fixed in this release.

v5.5.6 availability

You can update to v5.5.6 by filling out the form at:

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