System generated permission groups and better AD/LDAP integration with v5.5.7

We are excited to announce the availability of v5.5.7 with better AD/LDAP sync and system generated Admin Groups. These changes and others are discussed below.

System generated permission groups


We have added some commonly used permission groups and labeled them “System Generated…” as in the image above. With these new permission groups and the new Save option for AD/LDAP group sync (see below), you can now add new users to Device42 with just couple of clicks.

Save option for Group Sync for AD/LDAP


With the save option for AD/LDAP group search, you can now save the group DN (see above) and the Device42 groups these users belong to (see below). This makes it super simple to add new users to Device42. Also, the users list (see below) will only display users that don’t yet exist in Device42, so you don’t have to worry about filtering out existing users.


Faster device tab navigation with hover over instead of clicks


You can now move between different device tabs just with hover over instead of clicking through.

PDU Port reports


Reports > Report > Add > PDU Port to generate reports for PDU ports. Filter by PDUs/Port type and so on. See what is connected to what ports in the report. Scheduling is available as for other reports.

LifeCycle Events Retrieval APIs with filters


Lifecycle event retrieval APIs are now available. This new API includes filters such as type, device, asset, enduser, date greater than (date_gt) and date less that (date_lt).

Device search now includes hardware vendor name

You can now search for devices by vendor name on the device list page or from the global search.

Device url create/update APIs

The new Device url API with the POST method adds a new url to an existing device. With the Device url PUT method, you can now update an existing url. If type, device and host are matched – the PUT method will cause the existing record will to be updated.

Bug Fixes

  • There was bug with moving an existing IP to a VRF group in the API call. Fixed.
  • Open LDAP sync was not working correctly in some cases. Fixed.
  • Some generic serial #s in auto-discovery (like To be provided by O.E.M.) are now ignored. Also, serial #s less than 3 characters in length are ignored.

Efficient network management with Device42

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