API changes and bug fixes with v5.5.8

v5.5.8 brings some bug fixes and API additions as discussed below.

Smart port name handling for MAC addresses via the API

We have added “override” parameter to the MAC address API call (/api/1.0/macs), to handle multiple interfaces smartly. If you have multiple interfaces like bond0, eth0 on the same MAC address, you can use “smart” as the value for “override” and it will add any new passed port name to the existing port name(s). Override “no” will leave the old port name intact. Use “override” yes or don’t use “override” parameter to change the port name(default behavior).

GET PDU port details via the PDU API

PDU API per ID (/api/1.0/pdus/:id), will show connection details for all the PDU ports on that PDU.

Use Names instead of IDs for Asset and PDU rack APIs

You can use names instead of IDs in the following API calls(names must be unique in device42 for these to work):
PUT call to /api/1.0/assets/ (Edit assets by name now)
Use rack (& room, row, building name) instead of rack_id in /api/1.0/assets/ call, when mounting an asset to a rack
/api/1.0/pdus/rack (POST), call now takes PDU name and rack (& room, row, building name) instead of pdu_id and rack_id, to mount a PDU to a rack.

Also, note that IDs still work for these calls.

Bug Fixes

  • Dragging and dropping objects within rack and between racks are now logged.
  • Showing device names on switch port has been optimized to get device info for only the visible switch ports. This increases the page speed significantly.
  • Native datetime warning messages while rendering dashboard have been fixed.
  • If an OpenLDAP group didn’t have any direct memerUIDs as part of it, it was showing an error message of Invalid LDAP connection. This has been fixed in this release.

Update availability

You can grab the latest file and update instructions from:

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