Enhanced auto-discovery client with multiple ranges and more configurable options in v4.0.2

The Auto-Discovery Client gets a complete overhaul to support multiple IP ranges. It also brings some more exciting changes as discussed below.

Multiple network ranges to run discovery


You can now add as many IP ranges as you want for windows auto-discovery. Please note that there is a Delete button for each range to enable you to remove ranges.

Ignore IPs


You can now ignore certain IP as well with the ignore IPs box.

Choose service level, customer and/or VRF group


You can also specify what service level, the customer (or department), and the VRF group for any servers found in the IP range. Want to differentiate between overlapping IP ranges from different geographical locations? You can do so by choosing a VRF group for each IP range. Sync button gets the customer, service level and VRF group data from Device42 URL, which is only required if automated fetch doesn’t work initially.

Option to Ignore OS or Serial #


If you wish to ignore the Operating System and/or serial # for a certain range, those options are now available.

Bug fixes

  • Windows 8 and 2012 server discovery was failing in some cases where the OS was not being detected properly. This is now fixed.
  • If certain properties were not discovered correctly for machines, it was failing the import for whole machine. Now just the not-discovered parts are ignored.
  • Log scrolling under the log tab now keeps the focus on the bottom, so it is easy to see the changes in real time vs trying to scroll to bottom.

Auto-Discover your network devices now

Automate your server documentation with Device42 by grabbing the latest Auto-Discovery client from :

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