Add bookmarks, Export from list view, and other cosmetic changes with v5.5.9

v5.5.9 adds addition to make your navigation easier and some bug fixes as discussed below.

Add bookmarks for your most visited sections in Device42


Add bookmarks to your most visited sections in Device42 for easier access. For example: If you have certain filtered lists – you can now bookmark that list and access it from your menu bar.

Export from List View


You can now export filtered items for a list to a csv file. Please note that this is same output as Tools > Exports and will be limited to selected items in the list. Please use Reports > Reports to get desired columns in the output.

Rack layout numbering options


For a long time, you have had the option for each rack to show the U numbers between the U markers on the rack image. Some users were confused by this option because it was unclear whether the “start-at” U number or the “end-at” U number was being displayed between the Us. Actually, we were displaying the ‘end-at’ location. Now there is a global option available in Tools>>Settings>>Global Settings, where you can choose to show the Start At or End At location in the middle. This selection applies to all racks for which the “between the U markers” option is selected.

Other Cosmetic Changes

  • The item list at Tools > Export is now sorted alphabetically.
  • The Tools > Imports menu has been changed. API Imports now becomes Imports and is directly accessible from Tools Menu. All other imports have been moved under Legacy Imports.

Bug Fixes

  • SNMP network discovery for CDP/LLDP neighbors was failing in certain cases. Now fixed.
  • Server discovery via SNMP was erroring out if the memory was not detected correctly. Now fixed.

Update file

Update file for v5.5.9 is now available at :

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