Device cloning, Importable exports, Enhanced user permissions and Critical bug fixes in v5.7.2

Device cloning is finally here in v5.7.2. Along with that we have enhanced the user permissions and fixed some critical bugs as discussed below.

Cloning a Device


You can now clone a device to add one or more devices. You can choose what to clone and either add your own names or pick device name profiles. This new option is available at Tools > Templates & Bulk Operations > Clone Device

Re-importable Exports


By popular demand, re-importable data exports are here as well. You can now export devices from the Device list view page and can export devices/PDUs in a rack from the Rack list view page Also, most other data can be exported from Tools > Import using the new Current Data column. You can then change what you want and re-import the data. This should make any bulk changes super simple for you.

Bulk actions for Users(Administrators)


You can now perform some of the most requested actions on Administrators in bulk. The Items added in this release are:

  • Delete Selected Users
  • Disable Selected Users
  • Change username to lowercase
  • Change groups(permissions) in bulk.

Group permission changes are discussed below.

Change User(Administrator) group permissions in bulk


With bulk group permission change option – you can now change permissions on Administrators in bulk. Just choose the groups you want the users to belong and choose whether you want to clear any existing group/user permissions or not and you are done!

Pulling the mail attribute while doing AD/LDAP sync

Adding an Administrator from AD/LDAP now fetches the email address based on the “mail” attribute in AD or LDAP.

Adding Administrator usernames as all lowercase in group sync

While doing AD/LDAP group sync – you now have option to bring in usernames in all lowercase. Also, with the bulk action as discussed above, you can change the existing usernames to all lowercase.

GUI enhancements for user and group permissions


Thanks to suggestions by Paula K., on the groups and users(Administrator) view pages we have changed the permissions list delimiter to line breaks instead of the comma separated list as before. This is much easier to follow.
Also, on the same note – on the edit pages the permissions now have better visibility.


Device URL/web links enhancements

Device URLs now accept {{device.serial_no}} and {{device.asset_no}} as variables to replace with Serial # and Asset # respectively.

SNMP data collection for troubleshooting/new device addition as a background job

We have moved the SNMP data collection to the main app from the appliance manager. This is available under Tools > Auto-Discovery. It runs as a background job and emails the collected data once finished. This takes away the hassle of waiting for the output to finish – as it takes time for certain devices.

API additions/changes

New API calls added:

  • /api/1.0/partmodels/ – This supports methods GET and POST to retrieve and add/update Part Models.
  • /api/1.0/parts/ – This supports methods GET and POST to retrieve and add/update individual Parts.

API Changes

  • Device POST and PUT API calls now accept building as an arg – useful when assigning device type other to location and building.
  • IP POST call now access “available” or “clear_all” – if you can want mark the IP as available and clear all associations.

Bug fixes

  • Critical – Users who have registered within last 30 days might get redirected back to dashboard page. We have fixed the bug in this release. If you are affected by this and are unable to update – please contact us at support at
  • Search on the Parts List page was broken – now fixed.
  • There was a U display issue from rack numbering start from top – fixed.
  • Location was not showing up on Parts Model page – fixed.
  • Purchase reporting has contract type missing in the reports – now fixed.
  • Deleting passwords in bulk was not being logged – now fixed.
  • PDU and Asset add pages were showing “Find next Slot” button for rack positioning – which should have been visible only on edit pages. This is now fixed.

Known bugs in v5.7.2

  • Adding a new building fails. As a workaround, please add an image to the building while saving it. We are working on getting a fix out soon.

Easier data center inventory management with Device42

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