New and improved Device42 API documentation site is live

We are please to announce the launch of the new Device42 API documentation site.

User-friendly and easy to use.


Device42 API Documentation – above left are the top level categories, expanding a category reveals available API calls for that category.


The new API documentation is organized by category / call (above left), usage / parameters (above center), and Curl / data retrieval example (above right).

Usage and parameters


API call usage and parameters, this type of detail is available for each API call. When further clarification / explanation is needed, notices (in blue) have been added throughout the documentation.

Sample call and sample data


Each API call includes sample curl call and a sample of the type of data that will be returned for that call.

The API documentation currently has samples in curl, but we will be adding other programming languages in future. You can refer to our github repositories at for some sample code in python.

Visit the Device42 API documentation site today!

For those who are interested in this documentation, it is built on top of slate by tripit :

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