Openssl vulnerability fix and network tools in v5.7.4

The Heartbleed openssl vulnerability is topping the security news today. We have patched this vulnerability in v5.7.4. This and other changes in Device42 are discussed below.

Heartbleed openssl vulnerability fix

v5.7.4 updates the openssl and libssl packages that fix the vulnerability. If your Device42 instance is public-facing, we recommend changing your https certificate as well.

Network Tools in Appliance manager


Now you can run traceroute or ping for a target from the appliance manager. This should help troubleshoot any connectivity issues for auto-discovery troubleshooting.

Network Info via Appliance Manager


“Usage Metrics” has been changed to “Usage/Network Info” and now it additionally shows IP info for all network cards and routing info.

Follow flag in the Device API

Want to see what virtuals, modules or other devices are part of a virtual host, blade chassis or clustered device? Just use follow=yes as a parameter in your GET call for individual device APIs.

ifAlias vs ifDescription for switch port description via auto-discovery

Due to lack of standardization of MIB implementations by various vendors, it gets tricky to determine what to pull for the port description. To help with this, we have added a new option to use ifAlias/ifName for the port description. If the port description is not coming over correctly, please try this option.

New filters for History page


You can filter by action type or content type on the history page.

API Changes

In addition to the follow flag in device GET API, we have made following changes in the API:
– Added POST and PUT calls /api/1.0/devices/ to make it more consistent with other API resource URLs. /api/device/ and /api/1.0/device/ still work and offer the same functionality.
– API bug fix for rack update API where rack_id was being processed after building and room name combination. Now rack_id is processed first if present.

Known Bugs

  • Chrome v34.x has a bug rendering SVG with opacity. That means the rack layout page will not render correctly. We don’t have much pull with google yet, but we are trying to get heard. Please use firefox, safari or IE 9+ for now, if you have upgraded to the latest chrome.

v5.7.4 availability

Current users can download v5.7.4 from:

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