IP Address Management enhancements and Preserved Navigation with v5.8.1

Preserved navigation is finally here! This and more exciting changes in v5.8.1 are discussed below.

Subnet % Used visualization and sorting


The subnet list view now shows a heatmap visualization for subnet address availability. Also, you can now sort by % used for the subnets. Subnet view page shows available and used IP count as well.

Filter by IPs not updated in the last N days


The IP Address list view can now be filtered to show all IP’s that have not been updated in the last N days. This can help find any stale IPs and take actions in bulk.

Marking IP available on device delete

Earlier if a device was deleting – we were automatically deleting all the associated IP addresses. With this release – it clears out all IP fields and marks it as available.

Preserved Navigation

One of the most asked for UI features has been a fix for losing your place in a filtered/searched list. For example, when you are making changes on certain set of devices – once you edit and save one of them, you would be put back at the beginning of the list rather than returning to the place you left off. We have added “preserved navigation” in this release. That means you can edit/delete items in your filtered list and you will come back to the same spot in the filtered list. You may see a few minor anomalies when switching between different device types – but for the most part it is pretty straightforward.

API Enhancements

  • Find next available IP (suggest IP API call) now supports GET as well. Also, you can now use name of the subnet and/or VRF group to narrow down the correct subnet.
  • Find IP (if in Device42 or not) now supports GET call as well.
  • VRF group post API added.

Smaller barcode labels for printing


Barcode printing now produces barcodes that are smaller in size with support for device names of up to 36 characters. The new size is a total of 17.7mm to save on space.

Bug fixes

  • Out of memory issues with SNMP discovery are now fixed with release.
  • Drag and drop in room layout view was not working right in certain edge cases. Now fixed.

Easier IP Address Management with v5.8.1

Get started with an easy to use IPAM today by downloading a free 30 day trial from Device42 evaluation page. Current users can grab the latest update from:

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