Circuit Custom Fields and API enhancements in v5.9.3

We are excited to release custom fields for circuits. This and other changes in v5.9.3 are discussed below.

Custom fields for circuits


Custom fields for circuits are here.

You might notice that we have taken a new UI approach to the circuit custom fields based on feedback from users regarding custom fields for buildings, rooms, racks, devices, and other objects. We are considering making similar UI changes to all other objects in Device42 that have custom fields. So, please try it out and chime in with your feedback on this topic.

Here is how circuit custom fields work (and how other custom fields might work in the future):

  • Custom fields for circuits can only be added from Tools > Custom Fields > Circuits.
  • Once you add a custom field, it shows up for every circuit whether or not there is a value for the circuit. This makes it much easier to add values to multiple circuits.
  • Custom fields with character-based values have a drop down showing existing values. Using the green plus button, you can add pickable values for that custom field.
  • With date-based custom fields, you now get a date picker for the value or value2.
  • Custom fields can be marked as filterable and you will see these show up in the filter view on the circuit list page.
  • The circuit custom fields API has clear_value and clear_value2 parameters to clear out existing values for a custom field.

Color coded rack availability bar


The availability bar on the rack list page is now color coded (based on availability)

API enhancements

Bug Fixes

  • Network auto-discovery was failing for Dell Force 10 switch. Now fixed.
  • Auto-discovery for ping sweep was not running as scheduled. Now fixed.
  • Password import for new passwords was failing. Now fixed.

v5.9.3 availability

Update for v5.9.3 is now available at :

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