A ground-up rewrite of the .Net tool for better auto-discovery with v5.0.0

We have re-written auto-discovery tool with v5.0.0 and added separate settings for each range and added more range types. This and other changes are discussed below.

Different options on what to discover

device discovery with mnay options

Based on feedback, we have added ability to run discoveries for not only iP ranges but also, CIDR and Hostnames. For windows machines, you can also get the server/computer list from Active Directory.

Each range with its own settings


Each different range type be it hostnames, CIDR or IP ranges, has its own settings. So you can add different credentials for different network segments and choose different discovery times if you schedule the jobs.

Hyper V 2012 support

v5.0,0 comes with support for Hyper V 2012.

Quick device discovery for your network with new and improved auto-discovery tool

v5.0.0 is now available for download at: (first link)

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