Patch panel management using drag and drop and Asset Templates with v5.11.0

We are super excited to announce that you can connect your patch panels using simple drag and drop starting with v5.11.0. This and other changes in this release are discussed below.

Easier Patch Panel Management using drag and drop


From the patch panel layout page, you can now turn on the edit mode and then connect patch panel ports to other devices or switch ports by simply dragging from the port to the device or other port. This makes it very easy to manage your patch panel connectivity and keep information up-to-date.

Drag and drop for switch ports

From the patch panel layout page, you can also drag and drop from switch ports to devices or to patch panel ports. We will be working on adding this feature on the rack connection page from the rack layout view in near future. For now, you can drag and drop from switch ports from the patch layout view.

Asset Templates for racks to rapidly add most commonly used assets


Based on user feedback, we are happy to introduce Racked Asset Templates, that can be used to create your most commonly used racked assets. For example, if you have filler panels, cable guides etc. that you want to be able to rack quickly, you can create a Racked Asset Template once and then from the rack layout page, drag and drop those templates to a rack location to create an asset.

Rack layout page changes

We have moved the sidebar from right to left with a few changes:

  • Sticky navigation. As you go up and down the page, the sidebar stays put.
  • Ability to change the edit mode for the rack. No more accidental drag and drop of devices in rack. You need to Turn On the Edit mode now before you can make any changes.

API changes

PDU port API gets a clear argument to clear any current connectivity on that port.

Bug fixes

  • Face plate value power calculation for a chassis didn’t account for the blades – which is now fixed.
  • Transfer module had issues adding the transferred objects to correct location. Now fixed.
  • Better handling of End users with no first and last name from AD/LDAP sync.
  • A few improvements in performance speeds for reports.

Better Patch Panel Cable Management with Device42 v5.11.0

To start managing your patch panel cables in a better way with Device42, you can download a free trial of Device42 from:

Current users can grab the update file from:


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