Clone racks and visualize chassis layouts with v6.2.0

Interactive chassis layouts are finally here with v6.2.0 and you can now clone racks as well. All the changes in v6.2.0 are discussed below.

Interactive chassis layouts


You can now visualize the blades in a chassis and use drag and drop to position the blades in the correct slots. There are fields that you can set in the Hardware Model for the blade chassis that will determine how the blades are positioned….


Max # of normal blade size: The number of blades that the chassis holds.
Normal Blade Size for regular slot: The size of blades for the Max # of normal blade size parameter.
Max blades per row: The number of vertical columns of blades.
Slot Numbering: How to number the slots.
Module Positioning: Horizontal or vertical positioning

Clone selected racks


Using the action drop down on the rack page, you can now choose a “Clone selected racks” action and it will clone the selected racks as well as the PDUs and the devices in those racks. Device to PDU outlet connections are also cloned. You can choose the room where the cloned racks go, choose a device naming profile, a prefix for rack and PDU names and some other optional fields as shown below.


Note: The Rack name prefix will be prepended to each rack name. The Rack name prefix to ignore will be removed from the rack name.

Selected/highlighted paths and port label display in physical connectivity layouts


In the physical connection layout, you can now select a port for a device and the display will highlight the path. Also, previously if you moved your move (e.g. to get the cursor out of the way for printing), the connection information would disappear. Now the connection information is “sticky” so that if you move your mouse around the page, it will remain visible (unless you hover over a different device). Also, the port label will now show up on the sidebar and when you are looking at an individual port, the port label will show up on the device as well.

Cosmetic change : search bar and logout options


We have moved the expanding search bar to the space above next to the device42 logo. The search bar is now always expanded. Also the change password and logout links have been moved under the username on the top right.

API changes

  • /api/1.0/buildings/ GET call now takes name (building name) as filter
  • /api/1.0/rooms/ GET call now takes name (room name) and building_id(ID of building) or building (building name) as filter

Bug fixes

  • /api/1.0/devices/ GET call now shows null values for os, cpu, memory properties etc. instead of hiding the values completely.

v6.2.0 update

Current users can grab the latest update file from:

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