Improved data center layouts using variable rack sizes with v6.3.0

We are excited to announce v6.3.0 availability with a much improved layout for your data centers. All the changes in v6.3.0 are discussed below.

Change the grid size for room objects


We have given room layout page a complete makeover. The page loads much faster now and has new functionality that will help you layout your computer room to more accurately reflect the physical layout. Other than the obvious visual changes, you will find that in edit mode, you can now change the grid size of the rack and other room objects like UPS and AC to occupy more than one grid square. Also, racks can now be rotated 180 degrees in addition to the previous 90 degrees option.

Availability and power heat map in the room layout view


If you have the power monitoring module, you can now quickly see the heatmap for all the infeeds in a rack in the room layout view. Each infeed in the rack displays as a bar within the rack icon with the infeed as shown in the image above with both the height of the bar and the color indicating the amount of power being drawn.

PDU Outlet Type Icons in the physical connection page


We have added outline icons for the PDU outlets that resemble the outlet receptacle type. Examples of the receptacle types are shown below.


API changes

  • The subnets GET api now has customer_id and customer as filters
  • The IP GET api now has ip as filter
  • The parts GET api now has location based filter for device and room name
  • The device GET api now has aliases as part of the returned values.

Improved data center layouts with Device42

If you are still trying to keep up with visio diagrams to map out your computer rooms – there is a better solution available :). Give Device42 a spin with our free 30 day trial offer now. You can download a ready to go virtual appliance from: and start mapping out your data center in minutes.
Existing users can grab the update file and instructions from:

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