Services Auto-Discovery and improved Application Topology Mappings with v6.4.0

We are super excited to announce that you can now auto-discover services running on your devices and associate those services with application components. More details and other changes in v6.4.0 are discussed below…

Managing services


In response to requests from many users, we have added a way to manage your services in Device42. You can now auto-discover services on different machines with their current running status. You can see the services running on a machine or look at a service and see what machines it is running on. Similarly, you can see what services are running for a given user. Want to know what servers are affected if you change the password for a service account? Just look up the services running for the service account user.

Mapping services to application components


You can map one or more services to an application components as well. The dependency chart for an application component will show the services running on different machines (in blue above).

Services auto-discovery


The latest version (v6.1.0) of the windows .net autodiscovery tool has an option to discover services (and software) on windows and linux devices and upload that data to Device42. There will be a separate post about the new version of this auto-discovery tool.

Alpha release for software license management

We are also working on an add-on module for software license management within Device42. v6.4.0 contains an alpha version of the software license management module; however, it is a hidden option and not part of the user interface yet. Please reach out to support if you would like to take a peek at what software license management will look like in Device42.

Bulk permission change for passwords


You can now select multiple passwords and change view or edit group permissions in bulk.

Ignore mac discovery for certain switch ports

If you want to ignore discovered mac address for certain ports such as uplink ports, you can now just add the port name prefixes (comma separated) and discovered mac addresses will be ignored for those ports.

API Changes

  • You can now make changes to a device by ID, using /devices/{device ID}/ PUT call
  • All devices GET call also prints the ID for each device by default.

Bug Fixes

  • Firefox and IE had issues with multi-select filters where objects were not being saved correctly. Now fixed.
  • Save button for Blade chassis devices in IE9 was not working correctly. Now fixed.
  • Password import (or API) was same existing password based on username – while it should create a new one. Now fixed.

Better application topology mappings with Device42

If you want to know what is running where and map your dependencies, you should give Device42 a try by downloading a 30-day free trial from:

Current users can grab the update file from:

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