Extended IP and Subnet search and API enhancements in v6.4.1

We are excited to announce the availability of release 6.4.1 the with following changes.

Extended IP and subnet search (global)


Global search now supports extended IP and subnet search. If an IP or subnet doesn’t exist, you will now get a list of subnets where that IP or subnet can exist. This applies to both IPv4 and IPv6 IPs and subnets. Subnet search is supported with cidr notation, for example:

IP as popup on device edit page


In earlier versions, you could only add a new IP from the device edit page (or assign a random one). We have now added an option to pick the IP from the IP page. This way, you can choose an existing IP or add a new one.

Auto-Discovery list pages enhancements

  • The list pages now show the scheduled discovery times right on the list page. Multiple schedules are separated by semi-colons.
  • For the network switch list page, it also shows whether CDP/LLDP discovery is enabled for a job or not.

Auto-Discovery menu changes

  • *nix/win SNMP has been renamed to Other SNMP devices
  • Server Auto-Discovery download has been renamed to Windows / Linux / Hyper -V Auto-discovery.

PDU Model list page changes

The PDU model list page now shows the size, depth and ports list as well.

Rack changes

  • Added the ability to change rack numbering while devices, assets or PDU’s are mounted.
  • The default option is now starting from RU 1 with the numbering shown between the Us now.

Changes to reports

  • Transfer reports has Device details as an extra column, which includes device serial #, hardware model and receipt date (in that single column)
  • Transfer reports has Purchase line details as an additional column.
  • Added transfers to device and asset reports.
  • Reports now support printing separate lines for devices and assets.

IE Compatibility mode issues

We have added a way to force IE into non-compatibility mode.

Added "change to not in service" to lifecycle event actions

You can now change a device to not in service status with this new action in the lifecycle events.

Lifecycle notes and events added to global search

The global search now includes lifecycle event and notes search.

API Changes

  • Custom fields now take bulk as parameter, where keys and values can be sent in bulk.
  • Added include columns and blanks as null to application component APIs and add services if included
  • Added include_cols and blanksasnull support for the following device API calls


  • Added pud_ports as included columns in device GET calls. Output will look like the following and only if pdu_ports is included in the column list

"pdu_ports": [
"type": "NEMA 5-15R",
"port_num": null,
"name": "Joe PDU 22",
"label": ""

Bug Fixes

  • AD/LDAP sync now support international character set for group names.
  • End user sync for LDAP was failing. Now fixed.
  • Azure VM was being saved as type Digital ocean VM, now fixed
  • Certain network devices were being auto-discovered as Chassis. Now fixed.
  • Date field in reports was not being saved correctly. Now fixed.
  • Physical connections rack layout was not showing if pdu model was missing. Now fixed.
  • Custom field validation for mandatory custom fields was broken in previous release. Now fixed.
  • Patch panel back connectivity page had a layout issue where the error message hid the port number field. Now fixed.
  • Actions drop down was missing for IP NAT. Added in this release.
  • Search fields for transfers was missing on the transfers list page. Now added.
  • Added port_name and switch to mac address reimportable export.
  • Fixed Tag filter (None).
  • Device GET by name API call was failing if name had a space in it. Now fixed.

v6.4.1 availability

Current users can grab the latest update file from:

If you are not a current user, you can start managing your IT Infrastructure the easy way by downloading a free trial of Device42 from:

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