Real time Branch Circuit Monitoring with updated power module in v6.5.0

The power module in Device42 has been updated to support real time branch circuit monitoring starting with v6.5.0. All the changes in this update of the power module are discussed below.

Branch Circuit Monitoring


You can now auto-discover Trendpoint BCPM (Branch Circuit Power Meter) devices based on SNMP and see almost real time and historical data for your circuits. Power circuits can also be associated with Breaker Panels (in bulk) and that gives you easy location based filtering. Users are able to set rated values for each circuit.

Support for APC rpdu2 type PDUs

Power monitoring and control now support newer APC PDUs to be auto-discovered and monitored upto the outlet level.

Security Update

Openssl has been updated to v1.0.1-4ubuntu5.25 with security fixes notes here:

Bug Fixes

  • Enlogic PDUs with “00 00 00 00” serial # were being added as devices. Now these are being ignored as that is not a real device.
  • Enlogic PDU outlets with blank names, while available in the SNMP data, don’t actually exist. We are now taking into # of outlets OID value before adding an outlet from enlogic.
  • Stop using PDU names in the discovered outlet names and just use the discovered infeed or outlet name.

New version of power collector appliance

Current users can request v2.0.0 of the power collector appliance (the new version compatible with v6.5.0 of Device42) by opening a support ticket.

If you want to try out Device42 for free with power monitoring capabilities, please send us a note to support at

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