Device Tabs Enhancements and API improvements with v6.6.1

All the changes in v6.6.1 are discussed below.

Device Tabs Enhancements


There are some changes to the device tabs for easier navigation:

  • The Hardware tab has been renamed to Parts
  • The Asset LM tab has been renamed to LifeCycle.
  • Instead of the Virtuals List button on the top for a HyperVisor, you can see all the virtuals right from the virtuals tab now.
  • Same thing with passwords, you are shown all the passwords you have access to right from the newly added Passwords tab. The passwords button has been removed.

Virtuals and Password tabs only show up if there is any relevant data.

PDU Model Changes

We have added description and notes fields for PDU Models.

API Enhancements

The following API changes in v6.6.1:

  • The PDU Model accepts description and notes (new fields added in this release)
  • The Device to rack POST API call now accepts depth for a hardware model as well.
  • The PDU add/edit API call now allows you to add a new device with serial_no and asset_no.

Bug Fixes

  • Switch Impact charts and switch ports link for a stacked switch (cluster device) has been fixed.


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