Improved impact charts for application mappings with v6.6.3

We are excited to announce availability of v6.6.3 with much improved application and other impact charts. All the changes in v6.6.3 are discussed below.

Impact charts on steroids


For the impact charts and dependency charts, you will now see option to zoom in, preview the image (and go to particular section), move the components around and click on an object to see details and go to the object page directly. This impacts the impact charts from application components, devices, racks, room and buildings.

Improved rules engine for power and energy management


You can now select multiple items (PDUs/sensors etc.) when setting up thresholds and alert rules.

Manage all the monitored IPs (for power module)


We have separated out the monitored IPs from the power collector appliance(s) into its own menu. With that change Power monitoring settings gets its own menu under Tools > Settings. Here you can see all the monitored IPs, the last update timestamp and also delete any, if you need to.

See usage in subnet tree

In the hover over for each subnet in the subnet tree, you will see the percentage usage as well. Also, we have rearranged the furniture subnet tree view to have network first.

Bulk option to delete device aliases

Under Tools >> Templates & Bulk Operations >> Misc Functions, we have added a list page for device aliases, where you can export those or delete in bulk.

change customer as a bulk option for devices


You can now mass change the customer for devices from the bulk action drop down.

suffix for device name profile


When creating Device Name Profiles, you can now choose a suffix as well.

Vendor for Certificates


We have added a vendor field for the certificates and moved the furniture a bit on the view and edit page.

VRF group association with multiple buildings

VRF group changed to allow multiple buildings association

Ignore VLANs for network auto-discovery


You can now choose VLAN #s to ignore in the network auto-discovery. This doesn’t effect existing data, only discovered VLAN #s after this is set.

Bug fixes

  • Blade as decommissioned was not moving to storage room from lifecycle event actions. Now fixed.
  • Sorting for usage on subnet list page was not disabled and caused an error. Now fixed.
  • autodiscover switch snmp string/username etc. increased to 64 characters
  • fix javascript issue with “Blade Hyperlinks Always Default To last Blade When Clicking On One
  • Fixed minor bug causing error message in Power Circuits auto-discovery

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