CloudStack auto-discovery support with Device42 v6.7.0

We are excited to announce support for CloudStack for auto-discovery. All the changes in v6.7.0 are discussed below.

CloudStack Auto-discovery Support


Under Tools > Auto-discovery > Cloud, you can now add the API key / secret for your CloudStack installation and discover all your hosts and VMs.

Experimental auto-discovery for Fujitsu Chassis and blades

We have added experimental auto-discovery for Fujitsu Blade servers and Chassis in this release. Available under Tools > Auto-discovery > Blade Systems

U Space Availability Report


With this new U Space Availability report, you can now easily see how many devices for a certain size you can fit in.

Custom Fields for Certificates

You can now add custom fields for Certificates as well.

Start time for network device auto-discovery

For a network device auto-discovery, we now print what was the start time for the most recent job.

Ability to merge End Users


We have added better checking for case insensitive strings for end users as discovered with services etc. going forward. But for any existing data, you can use the new bulk option to merge the end users.

API Changes

  • Device GET api call now supports empty values for filters.

– With this change, you can now filter by say “serial_no=” and this will give you all the devices where serial number is either null or is empty.

Bug Fixes

  • Added MHz, Mb, and Gb to column headers in device report. Earlier the unit was not clear.
  • Updating/adding a device into rack via excel import using asset # or serial # didn’t unmount the device and created errors for already mounted devices. Fixed in this release.
  • Power alert sensor UI was showing an editable text box for the auto-generated rule description. Now fixed.
  • Fixed numeric value output in excel in the reports.
  • Monitoring appliance delete was rendering the wrong page. Now fixed.
  • Column and sort order in report screen were not being saved in correct order. Now fixed.
  • Fixed bug causing notifications to show wrong time of day.
  • Added better handling of unknown startmode and startmode for services API call – it now default to Unknown if cannot find a match instead of error.

Auto-discover your CloudStack Infrastructure with Device42 v6.7.0

If you haven’t experienced the benefits of Device42 yet, you can get started with a 30 day free trial by downloading the virtual appliance from:

Current users can grab the update file from:

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