Palo Alto Firewall auto-discovery and Patch Panel reports in v6.7.1

We are excited to announce following changes in v6.7.1

Auto-Discovery for Palo Alto Firewalls

Network Device Auto-discovery using SNMP can now discover basic inventory information for your Palo Alto firewalls and ports etc. With this change, we have taken out snmp mib selection in the appliance manager and all MIBs are now enabled by default.

Patch Panel reports

From Reports > Reports, you can now add reports for Patch Panel ports. Select the patch panel(s) you want to report on, with various other filters and get data on all the ports.

API Changes

Assets GET call now has filters by serial_no and asset_no

Clear conditions for notifications

For power monitoring module, you can now clear notifications and this way you can be alerted again if the condition happens without clearing automatically.

Bug Fixes

  • If the number of custom fields exceeded 100, the reports were not getting saved. Now fixed.
  • Warrant reports were not working correctly for certain edge cases. Now fixed.
  • Cloudstack Hypervisors were coming in as virtual devices. Now fixed. Users will have to delete and re-discover any such existing hosts.
  • While adding an asset type Patch panel, Patch panel models were not sorted by name. Now fixed.


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