Eaton ePDU and APC Sensors auto-discovery plus monitoring with Power Collector v2.1.0

We are happy to announce following changes in new power collector v2.1.0

Eaton ePDU support

With this new version, you can now auto-discover and monitor Eaton ePDUs. We will show real time and historical data PDU infeeds and outlets (if monitorable). Also, if supported via SNMP, you will be able to power on/off individual outlets.

APC sensors support

Sensors connected to APC PDUs are now supported as well. With this you can get temperature and humidity data.

Bug Fixes

Certain “phanton” Enlogic PDUs were being discovered based on “00 00 00” in snmp. Fixed.
Rated power for certain APC models was not coming over correctly. Now fixed.
Outlets for certain models for ServerTech PDUs were not being discovered. Now fixed.

How to get the new version of the power collector?

Please send a note to support at to get the latest update or downloadable version of the power appliance.

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